Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another day at the new house

Since I posted last we have gotten a few more things done around the house. We got 3 more flower beds cleaned out, now the hard ones are all that are left. We got all the cabinets cleaned out, closets clean out, and the bathrooms cleaned. Then we put in the new gas logs and safety pad around the fireplace, to help save a few trips to the hospital from Harrison hitting his head. We have also gotten the first coat of paint on hallway and the boarder down in Harrison's room. I got some test paint for the dinning room but we don't think we like it, so back the to square one for that one.
Things are going well, Harrison is not sure about the new house but it is still empty so I think it is just a little scary still. He also has not been feeling the best his allergies have been bad all week. I am going to call his doctor today just to make sure there is nothing else we can do for him. I will update tonight or tomorrow if we get any thing done or if we have any other news. Continue to pray that our condo will sell!


Freemad said...

I'm so excited about your new house. Maybe when I'm home next we can get together.

Good luck on selling the condo. It's so beautiful I would think it would sell quickly.

nicki said...

Does Harrison want 10 puppies and a walking Isaiah there???????!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!

Looking good. I am just waiting to see it!

Fred Parkhurst said...

WOW it is beautiful,BY the time you get through with it,It will be a show place. Southern Living here you go.
Harrison seems to be keeping himself busy with his work around the house.
I am so happy for you two, you are an exceptional couple and I am proud to say you are my son and daughter in law