Monday, September 17, 2007

busy, busy, busy

Still working on the house but not a lot of pictures of the house today. We have gotten Harrison's room and closet painted but still have to do the trim. We have worked on more of the bushes around the yard, which are just out of control. Put up the new fan in our room, changing out outlets, cleaning windows, and starting to unpack some boxes from the old house.

I have to pick out a color for the dining room tomorrow. I thought I had decided on the gray but now I am not so sure. Everyone seemed to like the green but my china is green and I don't think they would look good together. The lightest color is what we are putting in the bedrooms and hall and everything else is mostly yellow so I am wanting something with color, we will see what we come home with tomorrow.

Kitchen outlet.......................................master fan......................Harrison's room, I will get better pictures tomorrow.
John and Harrison waking up from their Sunday afternoon nap in the Sun room.

We went back to show Mike Harrison's Mongolian outfit Sunday and here are a couple pictures, the restaurant is very dark. the first Picture I love even though it is not really in focus. Harrison went right to Mike, just like he was saying thank you so much.


nicki said...

I like the couch!!!!

Fan looks good :)

It is all coming along! Can't wait to see the finish product. Let me know when you hear something on the showing of the house!!!!

Fred Parkhurst said...

Well after getting to see the home in live living color it is beautiful. My Daughter-in-law can do anything,she is a great mother to my grandson,she is a great interior decorator,and a wonderful wife to my son.This home is like looking at a magazine,it is so beautiful. John and Ann Kelly and Harrison make the perfect family.