Saturday, September 15, 2007

A busy day

Today has been yet another busy day. After taking last night off from work on the house we have had a very busy day. John helped some friends move. My Mom came up early this morning and we ran a bunch of errands then we were back to the house to work. John brought back a truck and trailer load of stuff from our attic, most of which has not been touch since the movers packed from the last move. I got through most of them to see what I would be and would not be able to use and at least able to figure out which room everything would go.
We got the all the bushes in the front of the house trimmed which makes a BIG difference, and since they were driving me crazy I was so glad to get them shaped up a little. We will do more in the front come spring. Mom cleaned windows and watched Harrison while John and I worked out side. We also finished priming Harrison's room today, so we have been busy.

I can not decide what color to pain the dining room, any suggestions??

Harrison's first time in his new swing at home! He loves it and cries when we take him out. Harrison and Daddy playing in Harrison's new room before bed.


nicki said...

I like the green or the light beige looking color. What all colors of things do you have to go in there. Isn't the China cabinet in the sunroom going in there and the piano????? Afraid the dark may be to close to the color of the furniture but I am looking from the picture so its hard to tell. Our weekend has been full of one grumpy baby. He is just so angry and fussy. We may head back to the doctor tomorrow after our other appointments. He has not been being my sunshine this weekend!!!! Talk to you later.

Jennifer Burgett said...

I like the green!

Rhonda B. said...

I'm with Nicki. I like both the green and the light beige.