Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day one of projects at the New House

Not much to share today. Harrison and I went to the new house for a couple of hours and made out our to do list, which ended up being pretty big. Then we worked on cleaning the sunroom and cleaned out the first flower bed. At least we cleaned out the weeds we are not sure yet what plants will stay and which will have to go.
The first couple pictures are of Harrison "Helping" in the sunroom and the last two are before and after of the first flower bed.
We also got news last night about a friend that lost his short battle of only 59 days to cancer. Please pray for Dan's wife and two young daughters.


nicki said...

WIsh we were there to help you! I can't wait until you get everything in there. It will look so good. The bard and stools look really good in the kitchen. They go well. Yes the flower beds need a lot. Even things you don't want in some spots you may be able to use in others. It is coming along....just getting the weeds out really helped it all.

Talk to you later today. I have both kids so it might be interesting.

Fred Parkhurst said...

Things are really looking great and what improvements wow. Who is your gardener? They are great just great."Snap the picture Bob snap the picture"