Friday, September 28, 2007

a few pictures

Ok, so I did not have any pictures earlier when I updated, and boy did I hear about it. So we took a few tonight when we got home. And yes, Harrison did get some pumpkins the other day so we thought we would show you what he came home with. Harrison can't wait to show everyone his new house!

Harrison got a new toy today, we had to have a pony at his cowboy party in a couple weeks!

Harrison is getting to be such a big boy, what happened to my baby?


nicki said...

Oh harrison what I have always wanted a spotted horse. How did you get so lucky. I have 3 red and one black and you have a spotted!!!! Lucky duck!

Hannah Fields said...

ok, you know how I always say that harrison could be a model. There is a clothing line called Pumpkin Patch. He should be their poster child.

Fred Parkhurst said...

I just love reading what other people say about my grandson. He is so cute, handsome,and precious and I think he could be a model. He looks just like his daddy. Now all we need is a granddaughter. Harrison Nini and Papa cant wait to see you.