Monday, September 10, 2007

Harrison is 11 months old today

It is hard to believe that our little man is already 11 months old, where has the time gone. He his getting so big and is so much fun. We love watching him learn and discover new things. He was not in the mood to take pictures tonight but I had to get a couple today. We took these tonight in our new back yard, yes we closed today finally!!! We are excited to get working on the new house and I am sure we will have lots of pictures along they way. The Chair Harrison is sitting is one John got him this weekend, he thinks he is so big sitting in it.
Ok, Now for the real story!!!
We have found a Mongolian Grill Restaurant here and we LOVE IT and I mean LOVE It. We eat there as often as we can. Anyway, one of the servers has really taken up with us. He called John the other day at the office and asked where we had been since we had not been in to eat in a few weeks (that is what happens when a Mexican restaurant opens up right next to the office). He went on to say that he had a gift for Harrison from His Mother in Mongolia.
We went for lunch there today after the closing and this is what we found. He told his mother about us and that Harrison would soon be one so she MADE this traditional first birthday outfit for Harrison and sent it here from Mongolia. It is so cute, we did not have Harrison with us today, he was at Mother's Day Out for the closing so we are going to take him back Sunday for lunch to show off his new outfit. I just had to take a picture of him in it but I will be taking more, don't you worry to get the perfect on to send with a thank you note. You never know what path you are going to cross in life and who will make an impact. We will treasure this gift always! Thanks Mike and his Mom


Hannah Fields said...

Oh my word!!! How cool is that outfit. They must really like you there at the Mongolian grill. I like to eat there as well. This may sound silly but they have remarkably clean bathrooms.
Congratulations on the house!!! We can't wait to see it.

Fred Parkhurst said...

What an outfit! "YES I LIKE YOUR HAT,WHAT A HAT,I LIKE YOUR PARYY HAY" Remember Daddy?

nicki buchanon said...

Harrison you look to cute!!!!

Hope you are able to get into the house to get some things done today! We are just hanging out around here. Timmy is home today....we actually got rain and it is to wet to work!!!

Have a great day talk to you later.