Sunday, September 23, 2007

Moving Part 1

Ok, so we are not really moving yet, but hopefully next weekend. John's Dad brought what we had stored in their basement up this weekend. This is the stuff that we did not have room for in the condo, so it is like Christmas unpacking it all, it is amazing what you forget in a year, and I am so glad to have my dishes back. I can get by just fine with out them but they sure are fun, and I am already planning all the dinner parties to use them in the new house.
This weekend we got this load of stuff unloaded and some unpacked, finished the sun room, living room, and dining room, paint all the hall closets John has almost finished with changing out the outlet and we even got a few curtain rods hung tonight so it is coming together. Just some trim to paint and lots of yard work left. My Dad is coming up tomorrow to help me in the yard, we are trying to get rid of lots and lots of ivy and lots and lots of mosquitoes, if you have suggestions on how to get rid of them please let me know.
I hope all this makes sense because I am so tried and ready for bed.
John and Harrison getting ready to work for the day!
The garage with all the stuff we have not had for a year, and this is after I unpacked some too.

These are of the sun room and dining room they are done other than hanging the curtains in the dining room and moving in the rest of the furniture.

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Hannah Fields said...

the sun room looks great. I cant wait to see it in person and eat off of those dinner plates.:) moving never seems to end, does it. This too shall pass.