Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not much going on today

OK, so it had been a few days since I had taken pictures of Harrison so I snapped a few tonight while we played outside before bed. I know he just does not have any pictures of himself. These are not the best technically but I thought they were cute so I thought I would share.

Harrison's best buddy Isaiah (and his Mommy, Nicki) are suppose to come fore a visit tomorrow but we are waiting to make the final call in the morning. Isaiah had a rough day at the doctor's today so we hope they still get to come but understand if they can't.

The word on the new house is that we are suppose to close on Monday so maybe next week we can start working on our list of projects over there. Harrison is ready for his new yard, and can't wait to be able to have a swing!!!

"Hey mom I know how to ham it up for the camera!"

this one is to show he does have a red head temper:) People are telling me how good Harrison always is and I say "oh, when he is mad just watch out" so here is the proof. I just stood up to cause this fit.

I love this one!!!!

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Jennifer Burgett said...

Love the pictures!!! You are so talented. Hope to see you soon.