Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our fun weekend with Nicki and Isaiah

We have had a good weekend. Nicki and Isaiah came to visit Thursday night and just let a little bit ago. The boys had a big time playing even though both of their allergies were driving them and their Mommy's crazy. We did get out and do some shopping, which is what we do best, but also had lots of play time. I have added a few of our pictures from the weekend. Harrison and Isaiah best buds playing in the wagon Sat. evening.

Harrison and Daddy playing in the trees.

Hello everyone!!!

We loved this one. We think the boys are planning their big getaway here. Isaiah is saying "Harrison you get up and pull this wagon just as fast as you can!" Harrison responds with "Ok, Buddy you sit right there but you better hang on!"

This collage does not have the best pictures but we were eating dinner Harrison was in his highchair and Isaiah was in the stroller since we only had one Highchair but after dinner Harrison wanted nothing but to play with Isaiah in the stroller.


nicki said...

OK so now I am figuring out you can leave comments and the end of each posting!

Had fun this weekend even though the boys wanted to try to pull all nighters on different nights!!!!

Fred Parkhurst said...

What precious,precious little boys. They are buddies for life,no matter what life or this old world