Friday, September 14, 2007


Yesterday we did not get a whole lot done at the new house. We started our day off at the doctor for Harrison. Over the past few days he has not felt well and it was starting to get worse and he woke up with a fever yesterday so it was time for the Doctor. His ears looked fine, and blood work came back fine, so it is just a cold or allergies, which was what we thought.

We stayed home most of the day so he could rest and play then went to the new house last night. My parents came up to bring a few things, yard tools, plants, etc. We went out to eat and then it was off to work. I worked in the yard a little, got the a few things cleaned in the house. We got the second coat of paint on the hallway, just have trim left and we got Harrison's room primed. We are looking forward to the weekend. John is helping a friend move tomorrow and my Mom is coming up to get some errands down and to work at the house. We also have someone coming to look at the condo tonight, so pray that might work out.

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nicki said...

Wish we were there to help this weekend.......