Friday, September 21, 2007

still going

Things are not getting done as quickly around the new house right now. Yesterday Harrison and ran some errands and stayed at home until his bed time. John had a dinner thing for work and was not going to get home till around 9, so that gave me a couple hours to work alone. I thought I will go on and paint the sun room, there is not much to do so I can be done by the time John gets home and we can work on the dining room. Boy was I wrong, the sun room had fabric on the walls and lots of holes from the blinds so we had a textured paint to use. Four hours after I started we had the first coat on and I started the second coat during Harrison's nap today but there is still a lot to do then a lot of windows to paint, don't you wish you were here??? Anyway it looks much better with the second coat but I did not get a good picture to show you today.

John's Dad is bringing our stuff that has been in storage up tonight so I don't look to get a lot done tonight or tomorrow other than unloading and stuff. John is not working tomorrow, so who knows. It just takes so much longer with little Harrison hands everywhere.

Here is the dining room with out the top couple of inches painted. We just ran out of time. but will hopefully get it finished this weekend.

Ok, so I still don't have a good picture of Harrison in this outfit, but we will keep trying I took about 40 today and these are the only ones that I even kept. I think I am just going to have to wait until I have someone with me to help keep in still a little.

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Fred Parkhurst said...

What a cute little birthday boy you are and what a wonderful little Grandson you are. I love you with all the life there is in me.