Thursday, September 20, 2007

still working at the new house

My Mom came down Tuesday night to stay and help with Harrison and around the house on Wed. We got a lot done. Since my last post we finished Harrison's trim and closet, we just have to have his fan up in and John has to work on his closet door. We have gotten the guest room painted and the closet in that room painted, one of 4 hall closets painted, the first coat on the dining room, yes I picked a color. Mom and I also got all the vertical blinds down in the sun room, which was a chore, the fabric off the walls, and we got the walls ready for paint. Mom and I did some cleaning yesterday too. Today Harrison and I are going to take it easy, so we won't get much done today.
Well Harrison is finally feeling better, I guess what ever was in the air has gone now and he is back to him self. Here he is having fun in his new room, even though there is only a rug and a box of diapers and clothes in there. We also unpacked this truck from the stuff from the old house, we had it for our nephew Matthew, and Harrison thinks it is GREAT!

Ok, so I picked a color for the dining room! I went to get the grey and came home with pink!! John loved that I am sure. We got the first coat up and it looks really good. Now it is not a bright pink by any means but I think it will look good with the green that will be in there. We will see.


The Snell Family said...

I love the pictures of the new house... I hope that I can keep up with things once I don't have the "fast" internet anymore. I'm hoping Rose and I can come up for a visit towards the middle of Oct. before I start the new job!

Fred Parkhurst said...

Oh the new home is so beautiful,I can't say it enough.