Thursday, September 6, 2007

We have company coming!

Well, Isaiah and Nicki are coming to visit. After watching him last night and this morning we think it is safe for him to travel and come for a visit. We are excited and Harrison can't wait to play. I had talked to Nicki a couple times this morning and talked to John about them coming then at lunch I put Harrison in his highchair and he started clapping and saying "Isasa, Isasa" that is what he calls Isaiah so I think he will be excited when we see them later tonight. We are going to Meet them half way and eat supper before coming back home.

I thought that I may take a few shots of my favorite little model this morning but he had something else in mind. You can tell by these the best of the ones we took this morning, that he did not want anything to do with the camera today.

Harrison has also decided that he no longer wants to be feed but that he wants to do it himself. Which would be fine if he would pick up and touch anything other than a cracker. We are getting creative trying to find things he will eat. Like freeze dried fruit and veg's. grilled cheese with carrots in it, pancakes with prunes, and peaches in them etc. Any suggestions are very welcomed.

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