Monday, September 3, 2007

We will try this again

I started my blog a couple of months ago and never went back to it. Thought I would try to do better. Check on us from time to time and I am sure there will be some funny stories to tell. These are a couple of our lastest favorite pictures. We were in Richmond this weekend. Harrison and I had a yard sale with some friends on Sat. and I will post pictures later, I don't even have the camera unloaded yet, I know it is hard to believe. We also had a family fishfry and had lots of fun visiting all the family. Harrison had a big time playing with his friend and family this weekend.


Hannah Fields said...

your blog looks so good. Dont look at ours. just kidding. you red heads are so photogenic. ha ha
talk to you soon. love hannah

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is cool! We didn't know this kinda thing existed!
Keep the news and pictures coming!
much love,
ann m and mike

Anonymous said...

I love all of the cutsie photos. When baby Carroll gets here, you are going to have to show me how you do all of your neat tricks. Also, your hair is adorable.
Love you lots,
Nora Beth

nicki said...

We made it home and guess what I figured out how to leave you a message!!! How funny. It is 3:30 and we are just making it. We called the pediatricians office on the way home to see what else we should do for Isaiah and guess what.....they want him on steroids, a new antibiotic, and to see him tomorrow! Oh, he says thanks for staying up with him half the night....kisses to you he says!!! Tell Harrison we will see him soon and to keep smiling for the camera....