Saturday, October 27, 2007

a full little trip

John had to go out of town for work so Harrison and I went to stay at my Mother's Wednesday we got to spend some time with my cousin Becki and her little guy Samuel. We had a nice visit but did not get any pictures of the boys this trip because Samuel was not too happy. We got to see their new house and we are so happy that they have been blessed with a little more room. Becki and I have always been close more like sisters than 3rd cousins and our birthdays are 17 days apart and the boys birthdays are 26 days apart so we hope they they have the same kind of relationship that we have.

Thursday Night we went to a birthday party for a family friend then Friday we went to lunch and did a little shopping with my buddy Amber and her little girl Rose, there are some pictures below. It was good be able to make this trip when two of my girl friends were off of work and our little ones were able to play. We had such a good time. On our way back home last night we stopped to have dinner with some cousins that were in from New York so we got to see a bunch of people in our short trip.

Yesterday it was such a nice day. It was 75 degrees in the afternoon so Harrison and I stopped at the park in the afternoon and then stopped at another on the way to dinner. I may be the last park trip of the year but Harrison had a blast. He LOVES to swing and even tried the slide yesterday and there were ducks so that was the highlight since he LOVES LOVES LOVES birds.

We wanted to get a pictures of Harrison and Rose but Harrison had another idea. He just wanted to play. Maybe next time. I will update after the weekend .

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