Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ok, I don't have much to share tonight but do have lots of pictures so this post is mostly pictures. This morning Harrison had his flu shot and we ran errands then the fun began this after noon

ROUND ONE-- scarecrow (thanks Isaiah for the hand me down)

ROUND TWO -- Lion (thanks Matthew for the hand me down, we sent the other lion to cousin Samuel, and we are not posting many pictures in this office since we wore it to the zoo and had lots of other pictures in it.)

ROUND THREE -- Owl (we also had pictures in this already)

Harrison and John playing and waiting for trick or treaters.

John's office passed out candy at a Halloween trick or treat at a local fire department. Harrison and I did not stay long, it was REALLY crowded and our tent was next to a very loud hot air balloon that Harrison was very scared of.

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