Friday, October 12, 2007

Harrison and Isaiah, Best buddies!

Ok, very quick update to share a few pictures. Harrison went to the doctor today, for his one year check up and all looked good, we get to try milk, so everyone pray that he will be able to take it and we won't have to keep getting special stuff. He weighed 22 pounds 19 oz. and was 29 inches long.

Harrison and Isaiah have been having a great time together below the boys are worn out but Annabelle would not leave their sides. Harrison and Isaiah think that it is grand getting to ride next to each other at Sam's but swear that when they get older they are officially going to boycott this establishment as this is not a place for men. They have developed a plan to have some fun later when they get back home.
Isaiah and Harrison discuss how they can improve the take off speed of Isaiah's new wheels. Harrison thinks more aerodynamics, but Isaiah thinks they need more power. Only trial and error will tell who is right.

In this picture, Harrison is having to put all his weight against Isaiah's ride to try and get it slowed down and avoid a crash in one of their time trials.

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