Monday, October 8, 2007

Harrison is WALKING you better watch out!

Friday morning Harrison started really acting like he was going to take a few steps on his own so we call John home and sure enough he took a couple of steps without holding on to anyone or anything. He is now letting go of things and taking off, well at least for a few steps he can go 10-12 now before falling down but he is so proud of himself. Below is the best picture I could get this weekend of him, every time I got the camera out he wanted to crawl. So he is going to Daddy in the back yard. We had a busy weekend, Sat. we had a wedding out of town, then we came back home that night so we could work a little at the house. Then Sunday after church we went on a hayride (Harrison's first) and picked out our jack-o-lantern. We have other pumpkins but Harrison wanted his Daddy to help him pick out the special one to crave. We had a good time, but it just did not feel right taking a hayride in 90 degree weather.below are a few from our hayride and pumpkin picking.
Harrison and Daddy find the perfect one.

We are still working on the house trying to get a few things done outside before Harrison's big party next weekend. This ivy may be the death of us, it is everywhere. We have sprayed it three times and nothing is dead so now we are cutting, and pulling, but it takes forever.

We have a really busy week this week, Weds. is Harrison's first birthday, which I can't believe and then Nicki and Isaiah are coming up Thursday and staying through Sunday. We are taking the boys to the Zoo's Halloween party on Friday night (if everything works out as planned) then Sat. is the PARTY!! I will try to update again Wed. but we do not have our Internet up and going yet at the new house. Hope everyone has a great week.

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nicki said...

Way to go Harrison.....walking and able to get into that much more! How exciting. Maybe they can have a race later this week.

Can't wait to get there and spend the weekend. Talk to you later today....going to try to walk on the treadmill!