Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Harrison's Big Day

Ok, I don't have much time but thought I would post a "FEW" pictures from today. Just keep in mind I did take over 400 so bear with me here. Above is his first cake then some I took trying to get the right one for his one year pictures are below.

Good morning Harrison said with his breakfast.

Oh what is in the package, a Little People Farm, Yeah!!!

We did not make it to the zoo it was just a little too cool today and we did not have enough clothes on. We ran around some, went to Toys R Us and John took Harrison to Sears to buy him a toolbox and a hammer, he is planning on getting him a tool every ear for his birthday and Christmas that way when he needs them later on he has a good start. They had a blast. Then we went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner see pictures below.


Freemad said...

Happy Birthday Harrison!!!

It sounds like you all had a great day.

You all will definately have to make it out here sometime.

Fred Parkhurst said...

Wow one year old,what a big boy. It looks like your cake was good,I hope you saved your Papa some. We will see you Sat. at the big ho down partner. Papa and Nini

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Harrison is one! I love his haircut.

Shannon Holland