Saturday, October 13, 2007

Harrison's Birthday Party

We had a great time today at Harrison's Farm Party. Harrison's Grandparents where here, His Aunt and Uncle, cousins Matthew, Becki, and Samuel, and Nicki and Isaiah. We had a big day. Above are all the boys they are just too cute.
Harrison got lots of goodies here he is with his first tool and his tool box from his Daddy.

The boys are ready to eat!

Very long story short, after several attempts to get a special birthday cake made for the party and picking one up that was just not going to be seen at the party we got this one at the last minute today.

Matthew, and Harrison are trying to help Isaiah walk in the grass, it is a lot easier to walk on level ground.

Just a little damage to a little birthday cake.


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Hannah Fields said...

what happend to the original cake? you can tell me at church. the party looked like lots of fun!!!