Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not much new

Ok, so I had to come back and add a couple of pictures and a story. The first picture was from last night's concert Harrison is quite a music man. Then a few minutes ago I went to check on Harrison playing in his room, which I try to leave him alone when he is playing well in there alone, and I don't have to worry about him as much as I do if he is alone in any other room. I walked in and this is what I found....

Harrison sitting in his basket of shoes just having the best time.

Not much going on this week which is good I guess. Since Harrison has been on special formula due to a milk protein intolerance switching to whole milk is proving to be a challenge. The doctor said to try the whole milk first since he is able to eat yogurt and cheese.

But He has been a bear this week, crying not wanting to sleep day or night and just not being happy. I thought we would try it for a few days and since he is also cutting 4 of his molar teeth we were not sure if he was unhappy from the milk or the teeth. But I think it is the milk since he is not wanting to lay down at all, that is what he did at the beginning too. He is fine when up and playing (he is still a grump) but when I lay him down he starts to scream which is not normal for him and he has not acted this way with the other 8 teeth.

So today we are starting with Lactose free soy milk. If this does not do the trick we have one more to try then it will be back to prescription milk, which means big bucks, so please pray that my little man's tummy gets to feeling better.

The pictures on today's post for the most part have been posted before but I was working on some collages for Harrison's scrapbook and thought I would post them since I don't have any new ones.

One more pray request, my friend Nicki (Isaiah's Mom) it at the hospital today with her Grandmother who is having surgery due to mouth surgery. This family has had so much to deal with over the past few years.


Jennifer Burgett said...

I love, love, love all the pictures!!! Yes - we do have to plan to get together soon. I am not opposed to driving up to see you!

Hannah Fields said...

grace drinks the silk very vanilla. Dale is lactose intolerant and he can eat certain cheeses because they are not pasturized. So it could be a lactose problem, if that is the case then the silk should work.I hope so it is a lot cheaper than the other stuff. Anyway, very vanilla silk is fortified for kids and tastes great. good luck. it may be the teeth as well. you never know. oh the joys of parenting.