Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nothing really to report

I really don't have any news or exciting stories but thought I would post a few pictures of Harrison just being himself. Before I started the blog I tried to send pictures to our family about everyday just so they could see what Harrison was up too, so I try to update often for the same reason, even though today I really don't have anything to say. I am also really bad about keeping a journal so the plan is to blog our day to day lives and print it off as journal so that way we keep family updated, I can share a few of the many pictures I take and we will have a record for the future.

This is the I look just like my Daddy look!

Harrison has lots of farm toys, balls, and blocks, and the blocks and anything with wheels are the faves right now.

Harrison driving his new farm truck from his birthday.

Harrison would sit and pull wipes out of the box all day if you would let him and if the wipes never ran out.

Just taking a break for a little drink

Harrison does not like the TV on so don't come to visit if you want to watch something because Harrison will just turn it off.
We did have some company last night and we enjoyed their visit. Now that we have a little more room it makes it a little easier to have people over and John will leave the office on occasion now too which helps. Thanks Dale, Hannah, Grace, and Micah for the great visit.
Harrison and I are going out of town for the next few days. We are going to my mothers and will be back home on Friday so maybe we will have some news when we get home. We have a busy weekend too and John does not work so we are looking forward to that.


Hannah Fields said...

thanks we had fun too. the food was great!!! It was nice to see the kids playing together so well. I hope grace didn't teach Harrison any new "habits". We need to go to the Mongolian grill soon. Dale is now curious. Ooh and we can play monopoly well, the guys can. have fun on your trip.

Nicki said...

Tell your husband I am not real happy with him!!!! Coming here without you. :)

Fred Parkhurst said...

That is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. He works so hard getting his toys arranged just like he wants them. As far as the TV goes he thinks he is more entertaining than anything that could be on. we love you and miss you terribly. Love Papa and Nini