Monday, October 1, 2007

We are in the new house kind of...

Well, we are living at the new house but still don't have everything moved, we don't have the heavy stuff, like the fridge, the washer and dryer, piano, things that you miss alot when you don't have them. Anyway, I don't have much time right now but wanted to update a little. Here are a couple of pictures from this afternoon at the new house.

Harrison getting up from is nap at the new house.

A little preview of our little Halloween owl.


Freemad said...

YEAH for being moved into the new house. Doesn't it feel nice?

Any word on the sell of the other house? Have you had any offers?

Fred Parkhurst said...

What a good looking family and what a beautiful home. It is something out of a "Southern Living Magazine" The Daddy looks a lot like his, but much better looking. A beautiful Mama and handsome little boy. I am so proud they are my family!