Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We Have a Climber

Not much going on today Harrison and I have been taking it easy. John as a friend that is going to help him get another load tonight so I am keeping my fingers crossed that tonight I will have a Fridge and that it fits in the kitchen, which is going to be very very tight, and it may not fit. Anyway, We are ready not to be living out of the cooler.
My Collage roommate, Cindy, her Mom, and baby Alyssa came to visit yesterday and we had a good visit running around town and believe it or not I did not get one picture, What is happening to me? We will have to get one next time.
Harrison is a climber and boy has he been everywhere this week. He is not climbing out of his crib YET but sure is trying as you can see from these pictures nothing is stopping him these days.

I turned around yesterday and he had climbed into his dump truck and just playing away, now this is his favorite playing spot.

John Even got me a cake for my birthday yesterday, I was proud of him, this is the first cake I have had since we have been married but I think he had a little help in remembering it (thanks Nicki)

Harrison wanted to say hello this morning while eating his breakfast.

Poor Annabelle, Harrison loves her and she loves him but sometimes it is just too much. This is how it plays out all day long.


Freemad said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Hannah Fields said...

Oh my word!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Jennifer Burgett said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I had no idea.

Jupiter feels AnnaBelle's pain. The only difference is that Aaron doesn't even get close to Jup!

nicki said...

HMMMMMM maybe when we are there Harrison can climb onto Isaiah's walker and off they will be!!!!!!!

Tell John I have Harrison a puppy picked out then he can stop getting the poor kitty!