Monday, October 15, 2007

Zoo Time

Ok, I know I have posted A LOT this weekend but it has been a very busy weekend and we know we have Grandparents, and Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins that want see all our adventures.
Sunday afternoon once Isaiah's Daddy came up we went to the Zoo for their Halloween Party. We had the cutest Monkey and Lion there by far. The boys had a blast, and of coarse we like to see them have fun.
We also had to sneak in a few fall pictures!!

Here is one of handsome Isaiah's fall pictures!

From the back!!!

In a tree!!! Harrison is everywhere!

Harrison was not so sure about this Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

Best buddies Harrison and Isaiah.
Harrison woke up this morning calling for Isaiah and when I walked into the guest bedroom he started to laugh an jump but once he saw that Isaiah's pack n' play was not there he almost began to cry. It is after lunch and he is still looking everywhere for his buddy.

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Hannah Fields said...

that first picture of Isaiah is priceless. The picture of harrison from behind is too funny. I am glad you guys had a good time. I wish i could go to the zoo. i am having withdraws.