Sunday, November 4, 2007

Getting ready to leave

Not much to report. We had a great weekend. John did not work this Saturday so we were able to get a lot done around the house. We worked on cleaning out the garage and getting boxes up to the attic, worked on the yard a little, and John got the cable outlets put in so now I can have the computer on and the TV at the same time. We have been hooking both up to one outlet and having cords across the living room . Above is a picture of my boys working hard the cable and below Harrison is getting the hang of walking in his cowboy boots, which he is doing great with now.
Tonight we went to Samuel's birthday party. We had to leave early to get back home since we had a little drive home so we did not get to see him eat his cake or open presents but still enjoyed our visit. We tried and tried to get a picture of the boys but these were the best I was able to get of three little busy cousins. Harrison, Samuel, and Jack are getting old enough that they are starting to play together.

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