Friday, November 2, 2007


We have had a pretty good week. Harrison has been feeling a little under the weather and not really sure what for, it could be teeth, he had his flu shot this week, or allergies. He does not feel really bad just not quite himself.
Harrison and I are going to visit our friends Tim, Nicki, and Isaiah for most of next week and we are making plans to visit with several other friends while we are down there too. So this may be my last post for a few days unless we have something big happen this weekend or I go crazy with my camera which is completely possible.
The first picture I took Monday before Harrison went to Mother's Day Out. They were taking pictures for some Christmas projects and needed to wear red, which is not an easy task for a little red headed boy. Red is just not his color, and this was the only thing he had that was red, but I thought he was too cute not to take his picture. I have learned if I want a picture in an outfit that I better get it the first time he wears it or it may get a stain or he may just out grow it.
As you can tell, Harrison LOVES TO EMPTY things.

Below is Harrison and John watching Elmo. Elmo, just happens to be the only thing that Harrison does not turn TV off for. This video also has lots of animals which he enjoys too. I thought they were just too cute sitting watching TV not to take a picture.

Harrison also Loves to be outside and we are trying to be out as much as possible while it is still nice. I have a feeling we will be getting awfully cold this winter playing out side.

The last picture is from John's Birthday. Harrison and I took a few birthday goodies to the office on Tuesday for John's birthday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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