Sunday, November 25, 2007

It is starting to look a little like Christmas..

Well, Thanksgiving is over and we are starting to try to get Christmas up around here. In our old House (2 moves ago) I would put up at least 6 trees. I am not expecting to get that many up with a little boy running around but we will see how far we get. It is fun going through everything since it has been in storage. Last year at the condo when we pulled down the one tree we had brought with us when I started pulling it out I realized it was the 9 foot tree which does not work too well with 8 foot ceilings so we only had a very small tree last year, the one I had planned on putting in Harrison's room. I still don't have room for the 9 foot tree (but it did find a home at the office and is up and ready to go) but we will at least get a real tree this year.

I have one decorated in the living room and one ready for goodies in the foyer I think I will put one more up in the office/craft room or in the guest room since I can close doors or put up gates so it is not a temptation for little fingers. So we will get to look forward to one in the sun room or living room next year. I will post pictures once they all get up, which may be a couple of days since I can only work on them while little man is sleeping.

Below is the garage right now with all of the boxes down with the Christmas goodies. John worked hard to get it down, our attice is not easy to move things up and down. I plan on thining a few things out this year. Things just don't fit this house that worked in the victorian, they are just different style houses and some of the stuff I had in the other house just look out of place here.

We had a good Thanksgiving and below you can see Harrison enjoying his Grandpa's dog Matt Dillon.

We (or John at least) worked on getting leaves up today we thought Harrison would have a blast in them but he was not so sure. He had just woken up from his nap and it was starting to rain. Maybe next year the leaves will be more fun.

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Nicki said...

HMMM we have the same things on our minds....decorating!!! We have our tree up. My husband was sweet enough to let us get a new one so we don't have a Charlie Brown tree in the middle of the living room! Isaiah wants it so bad but is being good about it!!! Now the fun part will be in a few weeks when the basement is done and I need decorations for there. Don't they have christmas decoration yard sales!! Better get to bed. Talk to you tomorrow!