Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Thursday...and up update too

MAMA'S NEW TOY I did not think I would post again before we left so I thought I would add it there. We got a new TOY in our house today. My embroidery machine came in today. I did not get very far tonight. I got everything out of the box and some software downloaded but have not tried to hook it all up yet. We will see if I am smart enough to figure this one out. Thanks to John too for ordering it for me (even if you have lots of projects for work in mind).

Nothing really to report today. We have had a pretty uneventful week so far. We are doing well, and I can not believe that Thanksgiving is a week from today. We are going to John's parents this weekend for our Thanksgiving.

We did throw away Harrison's bottles yesterday and I almost cried, I can not believe that my baby does not need a bottle any more. I did keep a couple just in case.

Harrison and I have almost finished our Christmas shopping and I guess we will try to get Christmas decorations up next weekend, however I am not planning on putting up much since we have little hands everywhere these days. Yesterday while I was putting Harrison's clothes up I heard a crash in the living room. He had pulled one of the stained glass lamps off of the table. Luckily it looked like he was on one side of the table and pushed it off the back side, so he was not hurt but I can't say the same about the lamp.


Nicki said...

Yes one week!!! I am excited to get into the holiday season! Tell Harrison to be careful we don't need any ER runs!!! Isaiah says he misses you guys!

Talk to you soon

Hannah Fields said...

Hey I am glad Harrison is ok. Sorry about your lamp.

Nicki said...

It came!!!!!!!

Happy playing :)

Jennifer Burgett said...

I have always wanted an embordery machine. Where did you order it from? Is there a website?

Fred Parkhurst said...

Harrison; you better look out for those lamps,beleave me I know.MY Grandma and Grandpa Crawford Tought me about things that break in their ceramic shop. Are you ready to swing at Papa's