Sunday, November 11, 2007

We are back home.

We are back home from visiting with Harrison's best buddy, Isaiah. We had a good week. Isaiah and his family did not all of the best news this week but we made the most of it. Since we never know what tomorrow will bring we had fun every chance we could. I also took some pictures while we were there. Harrison LOVES animals so he always enjoys his stay at Isaiah's. Below Harrison while playing while I was trying to get a picture of Isaiah and Harrison was in heaven with all the dogs and cats.
We tried to get a picture of the boys together but Harrison had to much on his mind with the dogs running past.

The boys had a big time playing together. Harrison loves to be around other children.

We stopped at a park on the way home to shot some more pictures of some friends and Harrison enjoyed getting to play outside.

We went shopping Friday and we followed Isaiah's Daddy's instructions to take the boys to Bass Pro Shop. Timmy said to go to Detoxify the boys from the day of shopping but we thought they would like the big fish, and they did. We also went to lunch at the Rain forest Cafe and the boys had a blast but we got out without a picture.

John meet us at Isaiah's Friday night and we all come home together but John had to take Harrison up to the barn to see some of the other animals.


Freemad said...

Any word on the condo? Have you had any more lookers?

Fred Parkhurst said...

Harrison; You keep up the good work you play outside and get all of that fresh air. You are just like your Daddy he would cry to go soutside go soutside.