Monday, December 3, 2007

Can you believe it is already December?

Ok here is a picture of a picture from our visit with Santa yesterday. After waiting for a hour to see Santa Harrison was scared to death. We expected this, He is really clingy right now and does not want to be with anyone but Mommy.

Another try with a spoon, today we were not so successful.

I went in to wake Harrison this morning to take him to Mother's Day and Thought I would try to get a picture of him sleeping. I never want to wake him up but since I was going to have to wake him up anyway I went ahead and took a picture.

I got my Embroidery machine up and running and am learning how to use it. I have done several blankets for Harrison class at Mother's day out, dish towels that I am wrapping bread in and a few burp clothes for little one on the way. The burp clothes above is all I still had here, I meant to take a picture this weekend before we started passing things out. I have more to do tonight but I have to learn how to change the needle now, so we will see how that goes.

Below is a picture of the tree in the office/craft room and I still don't have one of the on in the guest room, mainly because the room is a mess. I have all the gift wrapping stuff spread out in there but I only have a couple more presents to wrap and then we can get that mess cleaned up too.

Not much going on her, Harrison has a program tomorrow night with Mother's Day out so I am sure I will have pictures later in the week. We had a open house at the condo this past Saturday and not a single person came but it was shown yesterday and they were kinda interested but still looking so we hope the will come back to us. Keep praying for the right person to look at it so we can get it sold. I hope everyone has a blessed week.


Hannah Fields said...

ok I love harrison's outfit even though he is crying. very cute. that should have been your christmas card. I have a friend who had the same experience with her son and she titled the picture, "Will's visit with Satan, I mean Santa". very funny. anyway I have meaning to ask you about your new machine. I am not sure if I will get one or not. I am afraid if I get one that I will be overwhelmed and wont even learn to sew. We need to get together and talk. I would love to take a look at your new toy.

Fred said...

That is such a precious little boy I don't see how you had the heart to wake him up. Harrison Papa was afraid of Santa for a long time so just hang in there.
The trees are beautiful also. You have your hands full Ann Kelly.