Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas is in the air...

Harrison is Having a big time the with the Christmas trees or the Trtrtr as he says. We have not really been doing much but things are picking up. Last Friday we had the State Farm party and Mom came up to keep Harrison. Tonight we are having the office party here at the house, but I am kinda at a stand still right now, can't really do anything else till closer to party time. We have a Wedding this weekend and My Family Christmas. Nicki and Isaiah are also coming to visit this Sunday through next Wednesday so we are looking forward to that, I am sure we will get some Christmas baking in and will be getting things ready for Isaiah's big 3rd Birthday party in Jan.
I have been Embroidering anything I can find and having a big time. I have meant to take some pictures but I keep mailing or giving things away before I get its picture. I below are a few, these are gifts too but I don't think who they are going to check the blog. If they do, surprise!!! You never know though they may check the blog. It seems everywhere we go someone says "we saw that you did this" or "we like keeping up with what you all are doing with your blog" so if you check on us leave a comment or email me so we keep up with who comes to visit. I guess that is all for today I am sure I will have more to say after the weekend if not before.



Jennifer Burgett said...

I love all the neat things you are making . . . still jealous!

Fred said...

Harrison; it looks like you are ready for Christmas. You will be able to say tree by the time you come to Papa and Nini's house. I hope it is a pretty day,if not we can play inside.I will be so glad to see you and your Mama and Dada,we are going to have a great time. We love you sweet boy. Papa Ann Kelly; your embroidering is so pretty. You are going to be a master at it.