Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after Christmas

Christmas morning has come and gone now it is time for the big clean up. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Above is the before shot and below is the after. What a mess we can make in an hour.

Santa brought Harrison this ride on Zebra, he has one in his class at Mother's Day Out and LOVES it so now he has his own. It was so funny. He saw it and ran to laughing but when he got to it he laid down on the ground and started crying. We have no idea what happened but all is fine now and he has been on and off his zebra hundreds of times in the past day. Harrison got lots of other goodies, new bedding, a car seat, some tools from Daddy, clothes, bath time toys and a cd player for his room.

We talked last year about some tradition we could do every year and what we came up with was to bring in a live tree on Christmas eve every year and make the decorations and decorate it on Christmas eve. I know we have five other trees in the house, but since I put them up right after Thanksgiving we don't get a live tree and this way we have something special to look forward to on Christmas eve. Harrison had a blast helping me make the ornaments. I had made one on my embroidering machine and he helped make the rest. We cover pine cones in peanut butter and then put bird seed on them, this way we can enjoy the birds outside too after the tree is gone. we put glitter on other pine cones and make glitter snowflakes too. My Mom helped make the popcorn garland too. We put a few candy canes on too.

The little tree before we worked on it!! Thanks Grandpa for bringing it with you.

Harrison has also figured out that when the mixer starts up that there is usually something yummy coming his way!!!

Harrison making his ornament. And yes we have glitter all over the house, but it was worth it he had so much fun.

When Grammy and Grandpa come up Christmas Eve Harrison and Grandpa played hard.


Mom said...

Hi, I knew pictures would be up soon. I enjoy re-living the fun over and over.

Freemad said...

I love the picture of your dad and Harrison playing.

How cute!!!

Fred said...

Which one is the biggest kid.Now Harrison don't get to rough with your granddad.