Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lots and Lots to report

First off, If you don't want to see a lot of pictures just stop reading now. We have done a lot since our last post and so there are LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES. I think in past 5 days I have taken like 800 shots so bear with me. I may have some collage in the next couple of days of some other pictures too. I also loaded these pictures in reverse order so the first picture happened last and the last picture happened first.Last Friday Harrison and I went to Nicki and Isaiah's to play a little before a wedding we had on Sat. then They came home with us and Isaiah's Daddy came and got them today. So we have had a big time. Last night we made Christmas sugar cookies with the boys. Isaiah Has made cookies before but this was Harrison first time and he had a ball. He set in the kitchen with us for about an hour and a half playing and making the best mess. He did not even eat it all, which really surprised me.

The boys were ready to go, I think they knew we were getting ready for cookies!

Monday we did a little shopping and Isaiah had not been to see Santa yet so we took him and he did great. But you know us we had to get a picture of both the boys with Santa too. And Harrison still screams every time he see Santa, and then he made Isaiah cry too. We did not make them sit there but just a few seconds so I guess we are not too Mean.

Monday Harrison also got a hair cut. This is another experience that Harrison HATES!!! As soon as he sees the chair he begins to scream and I mean scream. So we took him to a kids place and he cried for the first half then calmed down some. At least we were able to get a picture this time. He has had 7 or 8 hair cuts and this is the first time we were able to get pictures so that is saying something.

Sunday after having to replace the brakes on my envoy we all loaded up and headed to my Mom's for our family Christmas, the extended family and friends. Cousins Harrison, Jack, and Samuel had big time. Isaiah had fun too with his new friends. It was fun having our four little guys together, they all played so well together.

They thought it was great fun running back and forth down the hall and sitting at the little table. they are the third generation to sit at this little table, so that is pretty neat too.

On our way to Isaiah's we stopped by to visit Harrison's Friend Elaina (who is just 6 days younger than Harrison) and meet her new baby brother, Caden. We enjoyed our visit with them until it was time for a little boys nap then we headed on to Isaiah's.

Harrison and Isaiah also had a big time playing at Isaiah's House before all the running began. I did not grab my camera as we ran in to the wedding so I don't have any picture of our handsome boys but we had some taken there so we hope to get them soon. It was POURING down rain all day Sat. so I forgot the camera and did not feel like running back out in the rain to get it.

Now for a little comic relief. Believe it or not John wanted me to take his picture but got a little frustrated with me in the process so this was the result.

Before the Party we had here last week John wrote Merry Christmas and our names on the blackboard in the kitchen, then a couple days latter I noticed my name. You would think after five years he could remember that I only have one E in my name, but I guess not. I had one more picture at the bottom but I just deleted it so I guess I will add more later. Hope you don't get bored with our boring lives with lots of pictures. I am sure I will update again before Christmas but if no MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!

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Hannah Fields said...

wow thats a big post. Love the pictures. where did you get harrisons hair cut? I noticed he was in a pink car. maybe that is why he was crying. just kidding. he looks fabulous. i am actually dreading getting micahs cut. Grace has never had her hair cut but i can only imagine what it would have been like at the age of one. And, your hair is getting long. Did i see that it was pulled back. wow. looks good.