Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fun, fun, fun

My friend Amber and her little girl Rose are staying with us this week. Amber has some training for work and Rose is playing with us during the day. Rose just turned one so she and Harrison are playing hard. And it is amazing how they can tell each other how to do stuff that they know they are not suppose to do, case in point emptying the kitchen cabinets. We are having fund and I enjoying having another girl around.

Harrison Had a birthday party Saturday and since his friends are big kids he was not so sure about all the activities when we first got there but he warmed up and ended up having fun. I think the best part for him was that Daddy let him eat anything he wanted while Mommy took pictures. He had pizza, cake, and Ice cream, but he did not act like all the milk and tomato upset his tummy.

John on the other hand had a ball!!!!!

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Jennifer Burgett said...

Some kids never grow up!!!