Monday, January 7, 2008

John's New Toy (well the office's new toy)

There are no billboards in town and the closest ones to us are twice as much as the car per month. So he bought a new car and wrap it up State Farm style. Let me tell you, we gets some looks driving this around town. All of the team members in the office are taking turns driving it. Hopefully it will round up a little business.
John is still working on my selves and stuff for my craft room, just one more coat of paint and we will be ready to install. I can not wait. I can have my sewing machine, computer, embroidery machine, photography, scrapbook, and other craft stuff all in one place. I am so excited, and glad I have a husband that can do all this neat stuff. The next project is a bookshelf for Harrison and a table.

Over the past week or so Harrison has really enjoyed playing with hats. He will pull them all out and switch out which one he waits to wear all day. So now I am on the lookout for some more play hats. Below he is on his Zebra that Santa bought him watching Curious George, two of his favorite things and has a hat, what could be better in a little boys world?

I am still enjoying my embroidery machine and have even sold several things on ebay. Maybe If I keep embroidering and getting more business with my Photography I will be able to make a little money.

Just couple from Dinner, still working on using the spoon, He has been doing better but plays at the end. Harrison and I are going to visit Isaiah at the end of the week for his 3rd birthday and party. We are excited. I will update soon


Freemad said...

I'm assuming that the diaper cloths for Lilly Reed Carroll are for Nora Beth.

When did she have a baby or when is she due?

Hannah Fields said...

Hey dale got a kick out of Johns car today. He actually told me about it before dinner. He tried to e-mail John but could not find his e-mail address via internet. anyway. very nice. I bet it feels weird to have your mug on a car. John is all about advertising and he does a good job of it. hope you guys are doing well. maybe we will see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Harrison- We can't wait to see you. We have so much to do in the next few days but we also have lots of playing!!!!

Have a safe trip!