Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just another Day

Ok, so this is not a great picture but I had to share his expression you never know what might get got on film!!!
No real news today but thought I would update before the weekend. I Have not really played with my camera too much yet but I am really enjoying it. I seemed to always have focus issues with my Panasonic and the new camera is doing so much better, so maybe it is not me, which makes me feel better. We have some friends coming next week so I am sure I will have plenty of pictures to share. Amber and I grew up across the street from each other and she has a class up here next week so she and her little girl Rose are going to stay with us. Today is actually Rose's 1 st birthday and her Daddy had surgery today so keep them in your prayers. While I am on the topic of prayers I have been keeping up with a couple of new families over the past couple of weeks and they could use your prayers too. You can visit their blogs at and

Harrison is getting to where he plays more and more by himself which Helps me get a little more done during the but I really like to just step back and watch him play. We are so blessed to have our little red head wonder in our lives.

Harrison LOVES his bath as long as he has his seat, that Isaiah gave him, I think he would stay in the tub for hours if we would let him. But if you take the seat he screams and screams and fights you to get out.

We got another shelf hung in my craft room, which by the way I am LOVING, Now if I could just find some time to lock myself in it. Maybe one of these days. Hope everyone has a great weekend.