Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ok, so I already new my hubby was great but what a week I have had. Last night on my way to meet my parents for dinner John called and said my Valentine's gift was in and it was a NEW CAMERA, well, I could not want to get home and play. John can never hold on to a gift. This past Christmas was actually the first time since we have been together that I did not know what I was getting for a holiday and I did get part of that early too. He just can't hold onto a surprise. Which means he must have been really nervous about asking me to marry him since he had my ring for almost two months before giving it to me.

So when I got home he had plugged in the battery for me so it would be ready to go but the silly thing did not come with a photo card and the ones I have for my other camera won't work. I still don't have it going yet but I can't wait. I guess this is just something else to go in my new craft room. I think he thinks if he gets me enough toys I will start making some money :)
John and Harrison playing Saturday afternoon, He is a great Daddy too. How lucky are we!!!

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Hannah Fields said...

Awesome, how fun is that. Hope to see you soon.

ps I have used so many of the recipes you have sent me via e-mail. thanks