Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not all the way done but I had to share

Ok, so have been talking about all the work John has been doing for my craft room. We got most everything installed earlier in week and I have been working on geting everything cleaned out and moved in. We still have a shelf to put up over the desk and I think John is going to make a couple more units once he has made a bookshelf and table for Harrison's room. I still have decorating to do but I had share what my Husband did for me.

I can't wait to get to work. I have been working on embroidering things but that is about it. I have not scrap booked since Harrison was born. Not just because there is a little boy around but that I just did not have anywhere to pull it all out at. When we were in the condo the only place I could work was the kitchen table and for those of you that visited the condo know how that just would not have worked. Long story short I feel some long nights in my future. Maybe I will start going to bed with Harrison at 7:00 and when he starts getting up at 11:00 I will just stay up and play. I would get more sleep that way anyway.

A Big Thanks to John for all his hard work, I know I am lucky that he can make stuff like this for me. And thanks to my Dad for a little Christmas money that made this possible.

Here is the first project in the new craft room. Harrison and I had a little fun. The mess things like this make drive John Crazy. The little cabinet on end is for all of Harrison's craft goodies so we had to try them out. He actually opened the door and started handing me stuff, just like he knew it was his.


Jennifer Burgett said...

Your craft room is wonderful!!! Oh how I wish I had that room! Have fun!

Mom said...

Hi, I'm trying to leave comment again. Last time it wouldn't let me. Great room for Mommy and for Harrison too.