Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not in the moood for pictures

Harrison and Rose were not in the mood for their pictures to be taken today!!

They did calm down a little but I really did not get any good ones, we will have to try again.

Last night they thought it would funny to shut the sunroom doors on me so they were in the living room and I was in the sunroom. then they both would hit the door and put their mouths up on the doors. But by the time I got my camera out, which just happened to be in the sun room they would not both do it again for a picture.


Jarboetwingles said...

I am just a copy cat really :) I am having fun playing with my new computer and printer and camera. OK, the computer and printer are really hand me downs but the camera is NEW! Still trying to figure it all out! Thanks for all your help!

Carol said...

You are so on the ball with this blog thing. I have one, but haven't updated since Christmas! OOPS! :-) Harrison is PRECIOUS!! What did we ever do without them? Hopefully, Lilly Reed will make her grand entrance by week's end! Great hearing from you! Carol