Sunday, January 13, 2008

We had a blast

Harrison and are back from visiting with Isaiah for his third birthday. We went down on Thursday and even got to visit with our friends the McGehee's for a little bit. Then Friday and Saturday was PARTY PARTY PARTY. Friday we ran around some, got balloons, eat out then we went to visit Isaiah's Daddy at the fire department for a really fireman party. We had cupcakes with all the firemen and the boys got cool firemen hats, which you know my son loved. After we played on the fire trucks for a little bit it was off to the next round of fun.

When we got home from the fire department we had a PJ party, and yes we all had to have matching jammies. I think we have found a new tradition for the boys' birthdays. Maybe someday we can even get the Daddies to join in, Timmy and John you better watch out. The boys had a big time playing and jumping on bed. Below they are all tuckered out.

The next party was on Saturday and Harrison thought he was in heaven. The party was at a indoor preschool play place, with mats for the floors and all kind of things to climb on, jump on, play with, and slide down. Harrison had so much fun and went non-stop for the two hours. He climb up things jumped off, went down the slides every way he could think of and jumped in his first inflatable bouncy thing. It was so much fun. Isaiah had about 14 friends there with him to party hard for his birthday.

And what's a birthday without a Cake. Nicki worked so hard on his cake, I was afraid to touch anything, so I mixed icing and watched her to the rest. for those of you that remember, we had BAD luck with birthday cakes so I was not going to get close to Isaiah's. I left one camera down there (or maybe it is hiding somewhere here) so I am sure I will have more pictures when I get it back. Not much going on here. John has brought in some of the stuff for my craft room, but he needs a couple more hands to get it all hung, so I will be sharing it soon!!!


Hannah Fields said...

Happy birthday Isaiah!!! Wow you guys had fun. How can I get an invitation for next year? We miss you guys. Hey we have two cars now so a play date would be fun. love you all, hannah

Mom said...

What a great idea the PJ party way! I can't believe you all found some to match. I went through the other pictures really fast. Loads of fun. I will look again later.

nicki said...

OK looking everywhere for the missing camera and I am having no luck.....

Harrison we miss you already! Can't wait for us to come visit. We will have to get our calendars out! So glad you had so much fun....Isaiah loved having his best bud with him for him birthday adventures. You should have been here yesterday we had 1 more party....I think we are done with them now though!!!