Monday, February 4, 2008

Big Boy fun

Not much going on around here. John and Harrison picked up fallen branches this weekend out of the yard. Harrison thought he was such a big boy helping. He stayed out with Daddy for over an hour. sure he got a little muddy but that is what boys are suppose to do. When it was time for Harrison to go in was not so so happy but we watched Daddy burn the braches from the sunroon.

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Fred said...

Harrison; OK lets hope this works this time,Papa has been trying to get into the blog for some time. It looks like you are your Daddies big helper, your Daddy was my big helper when he was a little boy like you, and he is still helping your Papa today. That is what Sons and Daddys do. You are such a big boy and Papa and Nini are proud of you and we love you very much.