Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Friday..and now we have croup!!!

Well it was back to the doctor for us yesterday. Wed. afternoon Harrison began to cough and was very stuffed up. He had been horse all day but I thought it was just where he had been up crying for 3 hours the night before during the storm (everything here is fine). So yesterday it was back to the doctor. The good news is that his spots or rash or whatever has cleared up and the doctor really did not think it was chicken pox but a contact reaction which made me feel better since he went to Sunday School on Sunday and Mother's Day Out on Monday. Anyway He has croup and does not feel too hot. So we are still staying in and taking it easy.

John had meetings on Wed. and Thursday and he came home with this new toy for Harrison, I guess Daddy has a soft spot for a sick little boy too, or at least he is a sucker for a good sell!

Harrison's buddy Isaiah had to go to the hospital last night to have some tests run, he had low body temp. all day yesterday so please pray for him and the doctors that are taking care of him. You can check on him at

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Hannah Fields said...

Croup is not fun at all. Make sure he doesn't start wheezing. I think the technical name is called strider. When Grace had croup I just let her do whatever she wanted it kinda gave me a break. Good luck. love you guys