Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just another day

Not much going on today. Harrison got to go back to Mother's Day out this morning. In the mornings it seems that we get ready before time to leave and Harrison gets restless since he know we are getting ready to go somewhere. So we went drivng around town this morning before time to drop him off. When I pulled into the church parking lot to drop him off he began screaming and clapping, I guess he was glad to get back to play with his friends.

The last couple of days Harrison has discovered how to take his clothes off, or at least jackets and such. Tonight after his bath I put his robe on and as he played it slowly came off.

This is another thing that Harrison thinks is great fun even if he gets in trouble for doing it, I just happened to have the camera around my neck tonight when I walked into the kitchen. The door to the dishwasher does not have a lock on it so he can open it at will. So if I go to another room for some reason he makes a run for the dishwasher. When he hears me coming slams the door and looks at me to see if I caught him or not. Needless to say I have started putting the knives in the top drawer.

Harrison has been getting ready for the the next hoilday, watch out.

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