Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ok, so we had to go out today!!

It snowed a little more last night and it was not raining so we took Harrison out for about 5 mins. and He had a blast. The snow was still so hard that he did not break through but he had fun, and it was snowing BIG flakes so he liked that too.

No sledding for us today but Harrison did find a little (very little) hill that he could slide down and did several times. Yesterday when we went out it was raining, or snowing or some mixture of the two and he stuck his tongue out to catch it, it amazes me some of the things he does.

He was not too excited about coming in but we thought a very short trip was best since we have been sick, but around here you never know if you will see snow or not so we had to let him play a few mins.

He is feeling much better and being more himself, and as you can see we are back to wanting paci all day along with some other bad habits from being sick, he is going to think he has one mean Mama the next few days to get back in the swing of things.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute! I love the new hat. Looks like he had a ball. Mom

Freemad said...

I'm glad you all were able to go out and enjoy the snow - even if it was for a little bit.

By the way, LOVED the Valentine's card/photo. Happy early Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hope that rotten little girl who stayed with you who got to have her paci all the time didn't rub off!

Don't think I told you how nice it was to stay with you guys - THANK YOU SO MUCH!