Monday, February 25, 2008

The Puppy Has a Name

Well as you can see Harrison is still loving his puppy and we have named him Jake. Something short that we thought Harrison could learn quickly. These pictures were taken this morning at Nicki's with Jake and his little brother. Harrison has been so cute with Jake since we have been home. He has brought all kinds of toys and put them in Jakes bed or around the bed to show him. He Pulled the bed in front of the TV and set in it to pet his dog and watch TV. The puppy does not get out of his bed yet unless he sees Harrison, I think theyare going to be best buds.


Anonymous said...

Hope little Jake is being a good boy tonight. His little brother and mommy miss him! Susie sat on top of the other puppy when Becca and the kids came in. Guess she wasn't ready for him to go right yet!!!!

We miss you guys. Isaiah is sitting up in the bed playing the piano!!! He was really unhappy without doing that!


Hannah Fields said...

that is so sweet. I can't wait to meet little Jake