Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Rainy Day

John and Harrison went together to the farm machinery show yesterday to see all the fun stuff and to visit with friends. I meet Mom and we did a little shopping. We all had a good time. When I got home I met up with the boys for dinner.
Grammy got Harrison these fun rain boots yesterday and we had to try them out today since we had rain and it was warm outside we had a blast.

Now on to a more serious note... Dates are somtehing that really stick in my mind, I remember everything about certain days, what I wore, what I ate, who a saw, etc. Some of these days are not even important days just regular ordinary days. Today Feb. 17th is one of those days that will be burned into my mind forever. Five years ago John and I were dating, we planned on getting married but Feb. 27th we waited together in a docotor's office to see what our future was going to hold. I Had been sick, very sick and no one could figure out what was wrong, then the week before Feb. 17th I had had testing done everyday to see if I had some form of bone cancer, like I said, John and I wanted to get married but I had told him I would not say yes until I knew I did not have cancer. He said it did not matter and the fact that he stuck by my side during those months not knowing proved it but I was not going to marry him if the doctor said I had the big C, at least till we thought we had it under control.

I remember our drive to the hospital that day, the wait in the waiting room, then trying to keep John out of the drawers, in cabinets in the room (he drives me crazy, being nosey in a doctor's office) and The doctor came in shaking her head, so I knew my fears were coming to light but to my surprise she said, "Well, the good news is.. it is not cancer. the bad news is we are still not sure what is wrong" she went on to say it looked like Lupus or a connective tissue disease but John jumped in right in the middle and said "Well, I guess I get to marry you now!" The doctor gave us a funny look and laughed. I think John went the next day or two to pick out my ring. But every year when Feb. 17th rolls around I am so thankful for the life that God has given us. Almost 5 years of marriage to a man I love will all my heart a perfect little red head wonder that many doctors said would never be here an home and everything we need, We are so blessed.

This is the only picture I could find of John and I, just the two of us on my computer other than pictures when I was pregnant so guess what John??? time for some pictures, he will love that.

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Jarboetwingles said...

Hey Ann Kelly and John!
I just read the above post and was crying! That is a story I had not heard! So many people thought you guys got married really fast (I remember a half dozen people asking me how long you'd been dating :) I remember thinking whoo hoo Ann Kelly is getting married!! and then thinking he is a great guy and it was obvious to me that he LOVED you! That is a great story and I am glad you shared it :)