Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Boy

Here a couple of pictures from yesterday of Harrison with the broom. I swept the hard woods and kitchen then got the vacuum out and he thought he need to help by sweeping the carpet in the sun room. By the way, I feel like my house is picked up and clean until I start taking pictures and it always looks a wreak with stuff everywhere in the pictures. Maybe Harrison was trying to tell me I needed to work harder.

Harrison also had his first sucker yesterday. He had a couple of Easter eggs that had ring suckers in them so I thought they would be safe for him if he were in his highchair. so after lunch yesterday I gave him one. At first he did not know what to do with it. Then he would put it in his month and say "OH oh" I guess he thought it was something he was not suppose to have. He ate it for a little while and gave it to me saying he was done.

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Anonymous said...

Alyssa had her 1st sucker on Saturday. She loved it!