Friday, March 14, 2008

A few funny stories...

Yes, I know you were not expecting to see a picture of my toilet on the world wide web but here it is. Before Harrison and I took a walk yesterday I went to my bedroom to get a hat and where did I find Harrison? In our bathroom, putting gold fish that he had held on to since snack in the toilet. I grabbed him up washed his hands in the sink, but I had put the towels in the dirty clothes so I reached to get a clean one and what was Harrison doing??? Yes eating gold fish out of the toilet. One more reason for me to keep the bath room clean.
Maybe Spring really is coming here a the first very small blooms to show themselves in our back yard, I can't wait till I can work in the yard, even though I may not be able to do as much as I would like this year with little man running around.

Harrison has decided that since he can not reach the gas petal to his truck that he is going to mighty man and push it where he wants it to go, it is heavy but pushes on the hood and off it goes

Harrison has also decided that it is no fun to have clothes on so that is another reason to be glad Spring is just around the corner. Today after I brushed Harrison's teeth, he likes to keep it a little while and do him self, but when I turned around he was not brushing his teeth but the dog's.

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