Saturday, March 15, 2008

Harrison's first Easter Egg Hunt

Ok, I am going to try this one more time, this is the third time I have tried to make this post. Harrison went to his first Easter Egg Hunt this morning at church. Since it was so cold, wet, and rainy it was inside but Harrison had so much fun.

When Harrison walked in the room with the eggs everywhere he started saying "ball ball" only his favorite thing. and could not wait to get to them. He also love to put things in boxes or bags so he knew just what do do with his basket. John and I would throw eggs back out of his basket almost as fast as he picked them up so the other little ones would have something to find.

We were also surprised when Daddy showed up, he took a little break from work to join in on the fun.

There were also other fun things to do while we waited for the Egg hunt so we had a good morning.

We are looking forward to more Easter fun this week at church, Mother's Day out, and we are having an Easter dinner at our house next Sat. for family and friends.

Harrison also got a small pool today for a little ball pit in his room. Isaiah has a much bigger on in his room and Harrison LOVES it so we have been looking for a small solid color pool to put his balls in (his red pool from last year had a hole in it when we tried to blow it up). After countless shopping trip looking this is what we finally gave in to. It is not solid and yes, I know the top ring is pink but it is small, deep enough but not too deep, and it does not have flowers all over it.

I have made several posts in the last several days so scroll down for more fun. To end this post a couple shots of my husband, and yes he did know I had the camera.

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Anonymous said...

Harrison that sounds like soooo much fun. I can just see you putting them all in the basket now!!! So glad you guys had a good morning! We had a busy afternoon.

John.....maybe they would let you do an ad for State Farm!!!!!